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  • Advertising Frames View Products

    Our advertising frames are the perfect solution for putting up posters or notices around your establishment. Our snap frames are great for restaurants, coffee shops, banks, schools and more. Available in various sizes and colours our advertising frames can fit any interior aesthetic. Frame all your promotional materials easily and at an affordable price! Our advertising frames are also designed to be durable so you won’t need to change them every time you need to put up a new poster. Browse all of our advertising frames today and get next-day delivery on orders made before 5pm!

  • Clip Frames View Products

      Clip frames are an affordable and easy to use solution for advertising around your business. Putting up promotional posters can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you need to change them often. With our clip frames all you have to do is open the frame put in your new poster and clip it shut. Couldn’t be any easier! And the great thing is they come in a variety of sizes and colours to fit every business environment! Browse our full range of clip frames today!

  • Coloured Snap Frames View Products

    Our coloured snap frames are available in a variety of shades to fit any interior aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a sparkling silver, classic black or a bolder choice such as red, we have options to meet all your needs. With the help of our coloured snap frames, you can easily make your promotional posters stand out and grab the attention of your customers. Our clip frames come assembled and ready to use together with an installation kit you can use to easily hang them on your wall. Browse all our coloured snap frames today and enjoy free delivery on orders over £120!

  • Black Snap Frames View Products

    Our black snap frames are a classic solution that can easily suit every business environment. From banks to restaurants, black is a colour that looks sophisticated and goes well with every setting. Our black snap frames are also available in various standard poster sizes, from A5 to A0, to suit every need. The most popular sizes A4 and A3 are ideal for putting up notices, menus or work rotas, while our bigger sizes are preferred for outdoor advertisement or bigger venues where your posters need to be seen from further away. Shop our range of black snap frames today!

  • Silver Snap Frames View Products

    Silver snap frames are great to use in various establishments because of their versatility and timelessness. If you’re looking for a way to draw attention to promotional materials such as posters, menus or infographics, what better way to do it than putting sparkling silver frames around them? Available in sizes from A5 to A0 our silver snap frames are one of the most popular choices for clip frames for business advertisement. Shop all of our silver snap frames today and get them delivered the next day if you place your order by 5pm!

  • Poster Clip Frames View Products

    Framing posters for your business can be an expensive and surprisingly time-consuming task. However, our affordable poster clip frames can change that! Easy to install and use our frames are revolutionary for putting up point of sale messages in your establishment. Poster clip frames come in various colours and sizes. Our smaller sizes such as A5 or A4 are preferred for putting up notices and work rotas, while the bigger sizes like A2 or A1 are popular for bigger event advertisements and food menus. For larger-scale event venues we also have A0 poster clip frames. Shop our full range today and choose a poster clip frame to suit your needs!

  • Tamper Proof Snap Frames View Products

    Are you worried about others tampering with your promotional posters? With our tamper-proof snap frames you can have peace of mind knowing no one can touch your advertising materials. Tamper-proof snap frames are designed to only be opened using the key which comes with your frame. This type of snap frames is particularly popular for putting up posters outside your business, or in places with higher pedestrian traffic. Just like regular snap frames, lockable frames are easy to use and install with the only difference being you have to lock and unlock your frame whenever you need to change the poster inside. Shop our full range of tamper-proof snap frames!


Snap Together Frames

Snap frames can make hanging up posters and notices around your business much easier. Available in a variety of sizes, you can find frames to fit all sorts of needs. For example, an A4 snap frame is preferred when you want to put up a notice or a staff rota, while A3 snap frames could be better for promotional materials that need to be more noticeable. In addition, snap-together frames are convenient to use and install which allows you to change the displayed materials as often as you need. After securing the snap frame to your wall either with double-sided tape or screws, all you have to do is open the hinges, place your poster inside and then close them again. And what’s even better is that you can use regular paper so you don’t need to spend extra money on printing. 

At Silverback our main goal is to offer you signs and visual displays that will get your business noticed, whether you’re in the hospitality, retail, healthcare or educational sectors. In addition to our convenient snap-together frames, you can find notice boards, pavement signs and many other display solutions. Shop our products today and get noticed!

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