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  • A Frames View Products

    A frames are a popular choice for businesses that either rely on foot traffic or wish to increase it. Our double sided a frame signs allow for maximum advertising while out on the street, and they are easily changeable without incurring any extra costs, perfect for cafe's or shops wanting to display special offers or menu's. A lightweight design allows for easy storage and transportation when not in use. We offer a wide variety of different A frame signs, including chalk based, magnetic and waterproof outside A frames.

  • Advertising Frames View Products

    Our advertising frames are the perfect solution for putting up posters or notices around your establishment. Our snap frames are great for restaurants, coffee shops, banks, schools and more. Available in various sizes and colours our advertising frames can fit any interior aesthetic. Frame all your promotional materials easily and at an affordable price! Our advertising frames are also designed to be durable so you won’t need to change them every time you need to put up a new poster. Browse all of our advertising frames today and get next-day delivery on orders made before 5pm!

  • Anti Microbial Copper Film View Products

    COVID-19 and other viruses can survive for days on plastic or metal, but they disintegrate (literally) within a few hours after landing on copper. Copper kills viruses and other germs by disintegrating their protective layers. Antimicrobial copper film offers you a way to harness the antimicrobial properties of copper without replacing fixtures. Antimicrobial copper film can be applied to any smooth surface. Potential applications include handrails, light switches, door handles, elevators, lifts and countertops. Viruses and germs that land on the copper film will not survive more than a few hours. This will help to keep your space hygienic and reduce your dependence on chemical cleaners.

  • Black Snap Frames View Products

    Our black snap frames are a classic solution that can easily suit every business environment. From banks to restaurants, black is a colour that looks sophisticated and goes well with every setting. Our black snap frames are also available in various standard poster sizes, from A5 to A0, to suit every need. The most popular sizes A4 and A3 are ideal for putting up notices, menus or work rotas, while our bigger sizes are preferred for outdoor advertisement or bigger venues where your posters need to be seen from further away. Shop our range of black snap frames today!

  • Cafe Barriers View Products

  • Chalk Boards View Products

    Our chalk boards are a great way to attract attention and get people into your pub, restaurant or café from the street. We offer a wide range of double-sided chalkboards that you can display on the pavement to showcase special offers, deals and prices. Passers-by who see your chalkboard are likely to read it if your message is written in big, colourful letters, and especially if you grab their attention with something funny. Think about all the extra money a chalkboard could bring into your business and it quickly becomes a worthwhile investment. Most shops, cafes and restaurants use signs of some kind, and outdoor chalkboards are among the very best mediums.

  • Clip Frames View Products

      Clip frames are an affordable and easy to use solution for advertising around your business. Putting up promotional posters can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you need to change them often. With our clip frames all you have to do is open the frame put in your new poster and clip it shut. Couldn’t be any easier! And the great thing is they come in a variety of sizes and colours to fit every business environment! Browse our full range of clip frames today!

  • Coloured Snap Frames View Products

    Our coloured snap frames are available in a variety of shades to fit any interior aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a sparkling silver, classic black or a bolder choice such as red, we have options to meet all your needs. With the help of our coloured snap frames, you can easily make your promotional posters stand out and grab the attention of your customers. Our clip frames come assembled and ready to use together with an installation kit you can use to easily hang them on your wall. Browse all our coloured snap frames today and enjoy free delivery on orders over £120!

  • Covid Hygiene Solutions View Products

    Our covid hygiene solutions include social distancing equipment, screen dividers, sanitiser gels and dispensers, face masks, face shields and antimicrobial copper film. Whether you want to enable social distancing, help your workers and customers practice good hand hygiene with sanitising gels, or set up queue barriers, we have everything you need. The COVID-19 pandemic has set new hygiene standards for commercial spaces like shops and restaurants, and things like sanitiser gels and screen dividers are likely to stay relevant for some time. So, why not stock up on what you need and make good hygiene part of your company policy?

  • Covid Screen Dividers View Products

    Our covid screen dividers offer you protection from sneezing, coughing and droplets. Sneeze guards can be used for click and collect, Point Of Sale, reception areas and any situtation that involves the exchanging of goods in close proximity. We have two different styles available, one which includes a window halfway down for goods to be passed through and the other design which is completely solid. Our solid design can be used in all sorts of areas, such as offices, schools, workplaces and shops. These can also be joined together with the included parts to allow the user to make a design that fits their needs.

  • Digital Signage View Products

    Transform the way you share information with digital signage. Perfect for replacing whiteboards, chalkboards and poster frames, digital signage enables you to display videos and images on screen. Ideas include promotional videos, special offers, product demos, welcome messages and menus. You can display any information you like and change it in the blink of an eye. We offer a range of free-standing screen mounts and mobile screen mounts for digital signage, to accommodate 17” to 72” screens and 32” to 55” screens. Just install your screen and away you go. Our stands have a sturdy base, and they can be mobile (on wheels) or free-standing to suit your needs.

  • Display Stands View Products

    Our display stands, pop up stands, easels, whiteboards and noticeboards are perfect for classrooms, boardrooms, restaurants, offices and many more places. You can use a notice board or whiteboard to visualise thoughts, write down ideas, write down notices, plan, teach, explain and anything else you like. Pop-up stands and portable easels are useful for smaller spaces, because you can easily transport them from room to room. We offer a wide range of display stands, whiteboards, easels and other equipment in various sizes to suit your use case. Most of our display stands have frames made from steel for durability.

  • Dump Bins View Products

  • Easels View Products

    Presentation easels make it easy to present to a room. Our presentation easels are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including freestanding easels (fixed legs) and portable easels on caster wheels. These are a great tool for presentations, teaching and making displays for your work. Our easels have a magnetic whiteboard surface, so you can use whiteboard eraser pens or attach paper to the board with a magnet. You can also load in an A1 paper flip chart thanks to the openable top rack. We recommend a portable easel if you intend to move from room to room.

  • Educational Displays View Products

    Explore the full range of our educational displays, including snap frames, poster holders, white boards, social distancing equipment and plenty more.

  • Event & Exhibition Stands View Products

    Success at events and exhibitions is all about attracting people, and our range of event and exhibition stands is ideal for this task. Designed to help you stand out, our event and exhibition stands include slide in poster frames, acrylic literature stands, header panels, snap frames, banner arm frames, modular displays, mesh literature stands, information points and more. Whether you want to create a show-stopping display that entices people into your stand or create an information point, we have everything you need. Check out our 360° modular display if you want to mount a variety of accessories including snap frames, literature holders and banners.

  • Face Masks View Products

    Face masks and face shields are a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from reaching others. We know that the COVID-19 virus transmits through airborne respiratory droplets, so it makes sense to wear masks and face shields when appropriate. Our range of face masks and face shields is manufactured to the latest European Standards. Our face masks and face shields can be used in all spaces, including care homes, supermarkets, retail stores and restaurants. If you want to protect your workers and ensure everyone has access to face protection, you needn’t look any further than our range of face shields and visors for sale.

  • Featured Products View Products

  • Frames & Poster Cases View Products

    Frames and poster cases provide an easy way for you to display print media and remove it - ideal for posters, notices, information boards, menus and more. We offer a wide range of snap cases and poster frames, including tamper-resistant snap frames, lockable snap frames, lockable poster cases, felt poster cases and LED light boxes. Our frames and cases are available in a variety of thicknesses to suit different types of media. We also sell felt poster cases that you can use as information boards. When you need to change media in the case, simply open the frame. Easy.

  • Free Standing Leaflet Holders View Products

    Our range of free standing leaflet holders is perfect for displaying leaflets on desks, workstations, tables, countertops and at information points. Whether you have A4 leaflets, A5 leaflets or folded leaflets, we have a range of sizes to suit your needs. All our free standing holders are made from clear acrylic, a shatter-resistant material that should last several years. In addition to single leaflet dispensers, we also offer a three-tiered leaflet dispenser and matching business card dispensers. All our free standing leaflet holders have pre-drilled holes so you can fix them to something solid.

  • Freestanding Modular Display View Products

  • Freestanding Sign Holders View Products

    Our range of free standing sign holders and poster holders makes it easy to display signs and posters on counters and desks. Whether your displays will be used for sales, marketing or general information, all our sign holders are made from a moulded sheet of acrylic designed to hold double-sided materials to maximise visual impact. Simply slide your print media into the holder and it will stay in place, sandwiched between the acrylic sheets - ideal for counter displays, promotions, menus and much more. A wide range of sizes are available, including A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3 and A3 1/3.

  • Government & Local Council Signage View Products

    Government and local councils use our range of signage products in their marketing and public information campaigns. We offer government and council signage for all types of print media, including posters, signs, brochures and notices. Whether you need poster holders, or sign holders for use inside council buildings, we have everything you need. We also sell a wide range of lockable display cases which can be used to display certificates and posters in areas prone to vandalism. Other products in our government range include clear acrylic screen dividers, hand sanitising stations and queue barriers.

  • Hand Sanitising Stations View Products

    Frequent and proper hand hygiene is one of the most important things everyone can do to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and hand sanitiser stations and gels are the most convenient way to help customers, workers and members of the public practice good hand hygiene. That’s why we offer a range of alcohol hand sanitising gels and hand sanitiser dispensers. Our dispenser solutions include free-standing dispensers and pedal activated dispensers. You can install these inside and outside your premises to promote good hand hygiene. We also recommend dotting wall-mounted dispensers around your premises, so people always have access to a hand cleaning station.

  • Healthcare Displays View Products

    Our range of healthcare signage is used by hospitals, dentists, vets, healthcare clinics and pharmacies to display and organise print media. Whether you want to install signage onto walls, create eye-catching informational displays, or organise leaflets on a table, we have all the hardware you need to get the job done. Products include poster holders, leaflet dispensers, outdoor leaflet holders, card holders, snap frames, lockable poster cases and many more products. Most of our dispensers are available in multiple sizes to accommodate different types of print media. Simply install your print media and you’re good to go.

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  • Hospitality Displays View Products

    Our range of hospitality displays offer the perfect solution for creating displays, eye-catching stands and organising print media. Ideal for hotels, bars, restaurants, event planners, theme parks, transportation companies and food and drink services, you’ll find hospitality signage hardware for all your print media right here. Our products can be used in marketing, sales, promotional displays, information spots and anywhere else needed. We offer hardware for leaflets, brochures, posters, signs, flyers, business cards and anything else that’s printed. Products include sign holders, poster holders, frames, snappable frames, leaflet holders, business card dispensers and more.

  • LCD TV Stands View Products

    Our range of LCD TV stands is ideal for safely mounting televisions and interactive displays. Whether you want to mount a TV that will display welcome messages and customer information, or an interactive display that customers can use to check stock and order, our LCD stands are an ideal solution. We have free-standing mounts and mobile mounts with lockable wheels. Our stands have display sections for brochures and leaflets. Ideal for use in lobbies, reception areas, classrooms, boardrooms and exhibitions, we recommend a free-standing stand if you intend to keep your LCD screen in one place or a mobile stand if you will be moving it about.

  • Leaflet Dispensers View Products

    Keep all your leaflets organised with our unbeatable range of leaflet dispensers and leaflet holders. Available in multiple shapes, styles and sizes, our leaflet holders and leaflet dispensers are made from shatter-resistant transparent acrylic for safety. We have holders and dispensers for desks, workstations, countertops and walls, allowing you to organise everything neatly in a way that’s convenient for your visitors. We also have outdoor leaflet dispensers with a lid to keep the contents dry. If you have limited desk space then we recommend choosing a wall dispenser or a three-tiered leaflet dispenser to hold more than one type of leaflet.

  • Leaflet Holders View Products

  • Lightboxes View Products

    Our lightboxes are perfect for creating illuminated graphic displays and displaying posters and information at night. We offer displays for indoor and outdoor use with snap and lockable frames. All our light boxes use LED lights for efficiency. The front sections include an integrated acrylic cover to protect your media. Choose one of our waterproof frames if you intend to display media outdoors. A variety of sizes are available including A2 and A3. The acrylic covers have an anti-glare coating and can be replaced if damaged. Our display lightboxes are ideal for art galleries, cinemas, music venues, restaurants and shops.

  • Literature Stands View Products

    Our range of literature stands & leaflet stands is ideal for displaying print media in lobbies, reception areas, exhibitions, showrooms, retail shops and many more locations where you want people to have access to information. Our information points are perfect for menus, floor plans and information zones, while our literature stands are ideal for storing leaflets and brochures. We also have collapsible literature stands which fold down to a fraction of their usual size, so you can easily move them around and pop them up. For dark areas and use at night, check out our battery-powered LED info board.

  • Lockable Poster Cases View Products

    Our range of lockable poster cases makes it easy to store artwork safely and securely. We offer lockable poster cases in A1, A2, A3 and A4 sizes with transparent internal clips and a tamper-proof lock. The larger poster sizes have two locks for extra security. Strong hinges and a weatherproof design complete the package. We also offer magnetic lockable poster cases in A4 size and felt lockable poster cases. The felt case provides a pinboard where you can display letters, pictures, photos and other information. Simply mount your art or poster in the case, lock it, and install it on the wall.

  • New Products View Products

  • Notice Boards View Products

    Notice boards are the best way to display important messages and information in a centralised, physical location. We offer a wide range of notice boards, including pinboards and combi notice boards which are half pinboard and half whiteboard. Notice boards are often used to display certificates, letters, information such as visitor information for hotel guests, timesheets and much more. Also known as felt boards, pinboards are ideal for print media. If you wish to protect the contents on your notice board, we recommend choosing our lockable display case which has a lockable frame with a clear acrylic front.

  • Office Displays View Products

    Transform your office with our range of office signage. Whether you want to install wall posters, put up signs or create a reception information point with leaflets and flyers for customers, we have all the hardware you need to declutter and spruce up your office space. A variety of products are available, including snap frames, lockable frames, poster cases, sign holders, notice boards and mobile screen mounts for a TV or interactive display. Whatever you want to achieve, we can help you do it, and all our office signage is built to last. There’s no finer way to take your office to another level.

  • Outdoor Displays View Products

    Outdoor displays are a blank canvas for information, deals and offers, and we offer an unbeatable range to choose from. Our product range includes A-frame chalkboards, anti-glare poster frames, poster frames on wheels and magnetic displays. Our outdoor poster displays are sealed to make them weatherproof with a clear acrylic front. Chalkboards are a good choice for warmer months, or you can use them all year under a gazebo or porch. All of our outdoor sign holders are double-sided to maximise visual impact. They are ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and anyone else with an important message or two to spread.

  • Outdoor Leaflet Holders View Products

    Our outdoor leaflet holders and weatherproof brochure dispensers are perfect for getting your sales and marketing materials outdoor all-year. Our outdoor holders are made from clear acrylic which is designed to withstand the busiest environments. The lidded, waterproof design protects your materials from wind and rain. All someone needs to do is lift the lid, take a leaflet and the lid will drop back into place. We’ve included pre-drilled holes for easy mounting  and removal - ideal for all vertical surfaces, including fences, walls, poles, free-standing information displays and doors. You could also use a mounting system, so the holder is removable without tools.

  • Outdoor Notice Boards View Products

    Our outdoor notice boards are perfect for use as pavement signs for shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants, museums and anyone else wanting to get noticed. Our outdoor notice board product range includes free-standing anti-glare poster signs, chalkboards in a variety of finishes, magnetic A-frames, and notice boards on wheels to make moving them around easier. Our outdoor notice boards are easy to assemble and are made from rugged materials to withstand a life outdoors. You can use them to display all kinds of information, including menus, special offers, public service information, social distancing guidelines, jokes, musings and any other information you like.

  • Pavement Signs View Products

    Pavement signs are one of the must-have advertising materials for any restaurant, coffee shop or hotel. Also known as A board signs, they are the main way of driving in customers for many small businesses. At Silverback you can find a wide range of pavement signs, including swinging pavement signs, outdoor chalkboards, forecourt signs, waterbase pavement signs and more, in a variety of sizes to suit your location. A board signs are great for promoting your business by taking advantage of the footfall past your establishment. Whether your business is big or small you’re sure to find the best solution to suit your individual needs. Silverback Visual are leading suppliers in pavement signboards, and outdoor advertising boards with competitive prices, excellent customer service and next-day delivery available.

  • Poster Clip Frames View Products

    Framing posters for your business can be an expensive and surprisingly time-consuming task. However, our affordable poster clip frames can change that! Easy to install and use our frames are revolutionary for putting up point of sale messages in your establishment. Poster clip frames come in various colours and sizes. Our smaller sizes such as A5 or A4 are preferred for putting up notices and work rotas, while the bigger sizes like A2 or A1 are popular for bigger event advertisements and food menus. For larger-scale event venues we also have A0 poster clip frames. Shop our full range today and choose a poster clip frame to suit your needs!

  • Poster Hangers View Products

    Our range of poster hangers and poster grippers offers the perfect solution for hanging posters from ceilings, walls and freestanding units. Whether you want to create a suspended display for marketing or a floating display for customer notices, our hangers are easy to use, and they are designed for heavy and light posters. We use heavy-duty aluminium frames for our poster hangers and offer them in a range of widths. Need a way to quickly display pictures, notes and memos? Check out our Fast Note range, which is available in widths up to 1,000mm for displaying lots of items in one go.

  • Presentation Easels View Products

    Presentation easels make it easy to present to a room. Our presentation easels are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including freestanding easels (fixed legs) and portable easels on caster wheels. These are a great tool for presentations, teaching and making displays for your work. Our flipchart easels have a magnetic whiteboard surface, so you can use whiteboard eraser pens or attach paper to the board with a magnet. You can also load in an A1 paper flip chart thanks to the openable top rack. We recommend a portable easel if you intend to move from room to room.

  • Queue Barriers View Products

    Perfect for shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and outdoor events, our range of queue barriers helps to keep customers organised. There are plenty to choose from, including line stands and retractable barriers with belts in a variety of colours. Line stands are useful for showing customers where queues begin and where to queue. You can then use a retractable queue barrier to form a line. Plenty of shops, such as jewellers, use a queuing system to control the amount of people in the shop at any one time. Queue barriers are also useful during COVID-19 to restrict the number of people indoors.

  • Retail Displays View Products

    Make the right first impression, organise your print media and help people recognise your brand, offers, promotions and announcements with our range of retail signage. Our retail signage solutions include poster grippers, poster holders, frames, snappable frames, leaflet holders, business card dispensers and much more. Whether you want to create an incredible in-store promotional display or attract customers off the street, we have all the hardware you need in one place. Most of our products are available in several sizes and all of our signage products are made from the highest-quality materials.

  • Showcard Stands & Accessories View Products

  • Sign Support Systems View Products

    Our sign support systems include drilled panel supports so you can neatly mount a pre-drilled acrylic panel display. Ideal for displaying signage, marketing material, artwork and maps, our standoff supports can be mounted on any wall. They are made from aluminium for weight and durability, making them ideal for high-traffic areas, and they are available in several sizes and colours/finishes including black, blue, chrome, glossy, gold, red, satin and satin silver. Our sign support systems are available in protrusion sizes ranging from 19mm to 25mm and diameter sizes ranging from 13mm to 25mm to suit a wide range of materials.

  • Silver Snap Frames View Products

    Silver snap frames are great to use in various establishments because of their versatility and timelessness. If you’re looking for a way to draw attention to promotional materials such as posters, menus or infographics, what better way to do it than putting sparkling silver frames around them? Available in sizes from A5 to A0 our silver snap frames are one of the most popular choices for clip frames for business advertisement. Shop all of our silver snap frames today and get them delivered the next day if you place your order by 5pm!

  • Snap Frames View Products

    Framing can be an expensive option for a business, and if you regularly change your framed items around, it can be time consuming too. That’s why snap frames are one of the most affordable, versatile and easiest framing options around! With a snap frame's simple front mounting design you can easily change the contents at will to suit the needs of your business, no matter what you're framing, whether it be flyers, information or posters. A poster snap frame's easy installation design means that changing the media inside is as simple as unclipping the edges, changing over the old media for the new one and clipping back the edges, leaving no mess!

  • Social Distancing Solutions View Products

    Help your customers, workers and members of the public practice safe social distancing with our range of social distancing solutions. Our product range includes sign holders, traffic line stands, chains for traffic line stands, retractable queue barriers and protective screen dividers. You can set up and adjust queueing equipment to meet the minimum legal standards for social distancing as things change. Add signage to help people understand the rules around social distancing and you will have an effective social distancing policy. Shop our full product range of social distancing equipment online today to get your business fully compliant with the latest rules around social distancing.

  • Tamper Proof Snap Frames View Products

    Are you worried about others tampering with your promotional posters? With our tamper-proof snap frames you can have peace of mind knowing no one can touch your advertising materials. Tamper-proof snap frames are designed to only be opened using the key which comes with your frame. This type of snap frames is particularly popular for putting up posters outside your business, or in places with higher pedestrian traffic. Just like regular snap frames, lockable frames are easy to use and install with the only difference being you have to lock and unlock your frame whenever you need to change the poster inside. Shop our full range of tamper-proof snap frames!

  • Totem Displays View Products

    Make the most of your retail POS system with our high-quality metallic totem displays - ideal for promoting special offers, menus, products and services. Our freestanding displays allow you to stylishly display rigid posters and print media to increase sales and customer satisfaction. For dimly lit areas, we have a free-standing double-sided light box totem which you can use to highlight important information and get your marketing seen anywhere. With all our POS totem displays, you can insert graphics quickly by removing the front panel. Some displays are available in multiple widths ranging from 300mm to 800mm.

  • Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders View Products

    Our range of wall mounted leaflet holders is perfect for creating wall-based information points and freeing up precious desk space. Ideal for information points, tourist hotspots, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and showrooms, we offer wall mounted leaflet holders in a wide range of sizes including A4 and A5. All our holders are made from clear, shatter-resistant acrylic, and they have pre-drilled notched holes so you can securely fasten them to walls or mount them onto a removal system. The clear acrylic ensures maximum visibility of your leaflets and brochures and the acrylic is designed to withstand the busiest environments.

  • White Boards View Products

    We sell white boards in a wide range of sizes for different applications, from teaching to restaurant notices. If you have the wall space, a wall-mounted whiteboard will be the best choice if you intend to present to people at the front of your room. Otherwise, a mobile whiteboard, or a magnetic whiteboard is a good option – these sit on caster wheels and can easily be transported from room to room. Our whiteboards have a high-quality metal frame, and the boards are made from lacquered steel. Mobile whiteboards tend to be a little more expensive because of the additional materials used to make them.

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